Will Tata Nano be seen running on the roads again, the electric avatar of Tata Nano ,Know Price & specifications

 Some time ago Tata Motors stopped the production of Tata Nano.  Now Pune-based company Electra EV has prepared an electric variant of the same old Nano car.

When tata Nano EV launch?
Tata Nano EV is giving 160 KM range 

Tata Nano Electric Car News: 

These days a question is becoming increasingly viral on social media whether India's cheapest and smallest car Tata Nano is ready to rock the country's roads once again?  

Is Tata Motors going to launch an electric version of the Tata Nano soon?  

Tata Nano electric car pictures are becoming increasingly viral on social media.  It is being said that the Tata Nano electric car gives a range of 160 km in a single charge.  Questions are being raised that when will this car be launched, whether the company will make any disclosure about it soon or not?

Actually, a few days ago, Ratan Tata, the chairman of Tata Sons and industrialist, traveled in the Tata Nano electric car.  This picture of him became very viral on social media.  

In the pictures, Ratan Tata and his colleague Shantanu Naidu are seen near the Tata Nano EV.  It is being told that Ratan Tata not only liked this car, but he also enjoyed the ride of the car.

 Electra EV ready new car

 Some time ago Tata Motors stopped the production of Tata Nano.  Now Pune-based company Electra EV has prepared an electric variant of the same Nano car.

Electra EV shared a picture of Ratan Tata with the Tata Nano, writing, "This team is the Moment of Truth for Electra EV when our founder rode the custom-built Nano EV, which was the same as the Electra EV.  Ready on the powertrain.  We are proud to deliver the Nano EV from Ratan Tata and get feedback from him.

Ratan tata EV with Nano EV  -electra

  Actually, there is a custom-made Tata Nano Electric, which has been gifted to Ratan Tata himself by Electra EV, a company that makes powertrain solutions for electric vehicles.  Electra EV was introduced by Ratan Tata.  The headquarter of the company is in Pune.

No information has been received about whether the electric version of Tata Nano will be launched or not.  Tech experts say that Tata Nano can also enter the new market of electric vehicles being ready.

 Tata Nano Electric Car

 Tata Nano Electric is a 4 seater car.  The Electra EV has replaced the Tata Nano car with a 624 cc petrol engine with a 72V powertrain. 

 Super polymer lithium ion battery has been used in this electric car.  It is being claimed about the range of this car that it can travel up to 160 km on a full charge.  This car accelerates from zero to 60 kmph in less than 10 seconds.  Apart from this, no changes have been made in the car.

What is the cost of tata Nano EV  Electra ?

Expected price for Tata Nano EV electra for 160 km range will be 5 Lac Rupees 
500000.00 INR

Tata Nano EV specifications-

Top Speed110 kmph
Maximum Power23 Horsepower 
Maximum Torque85 Nm
Ground Clearance180 mm
Weight800 kg

Electric Motors Details -
72V 3phase AC Induction Motor

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