Electric scooter Simple Energy -One specifications, features, Range , Pre booking and Test Ride Start form July 20th

 India's First premium Affordable EV :-

simple EV  one electric sooter

Image credit simple energy website- https://www.simpleenergy.in/

Many of Indian waiting for Simple Energy Electric scooter from many days

Now the news has given by simple energy for the date of test ride 

Simple Energy Company CEO-Suhas Rajkumar told that test drive will begin as per the schedule

 time table in different cities

simple energy test ride  ev

Image credit simple energy website-https://www.simpleenergy.in/

Test drive for EV of simple energy will be starting from July -20 th  , hear is the table attached for your nearest city test ride time slot 

Features of Simple Energy one e- scooter 

One scooter  Range- 236 km

One scooter max speed- 105 KMPH

Acceleration- 0-40 KMPH in 2.95 seconds

One scooter Battery Pack-  4.8kWH 

One scooter  Motor specification- 8.5 kw

Boot Space-30 liters 

if you like this EV , you can pre book at the cost only 1947 INR  and that is fully refundable 

hear is some photo of simple energy one scooter

simple energy one scooter

simple energy one scooter

simple energy one scooter

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