Toyota Coms EV - Short Review, single seater car with 160 km range


Toyota Coms EV - Short Review, single seater car with 160 km range 

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Its  a small autonomy but it might be the perfect solution for traffic pollution and you

might want to own one if you don't have a big garage to store your car quite

Toyota coms ev :-DETAILS

let's check the exterior of the Toyota com and you're gonna see that it's not gonna be too long because this car is so small really an aerodynamic looks ,look at the front hand

you've got also those nice lights we've got some curves right here those blinkers reflectors and you can see also those opening to the little skinny tires 12 inches, you can see

those disc brakes behind those wheel and I don't know if it's going to be cool

for braking or it's gonna make sure it's tough but one thing is sure it's not a

solid disc they've cross drilled at this but in the rear you're gonna find regular drum ,

In the rear storage compartment so if you have a company it's kind of cool you've

got that big storage 


Body style: 2-door hatchback

Electric motor: 2 x 2 kW PMSM (1st gen); 5 kW ...


Its a small urban vehicle and you've got the rear lights backing me lights 

deflector once again and when you look under you can

see the different components and it's hard to see the electric motors but you

will see also that the suspension part seems it seems not too complicated when you 

look at that so in the inside one person can sit there it's

not the most comfortable seat out there yes it comes it's a one-seater electric

cars or 100% electric with a battery so very different from what we used to

offer and it's a car that is designed for City use so only one passenger as I

said and the top speed of the of the car  is 60 kilometers an hour so Evo

range is 50 kilometers so it's it's a car that is designed to be driven in

city centers

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 how about charging with the battery decide it must not be long now

it's actually pretty quick it's a six hours charge on the regular 110 volt

outlet something that you can have at home you don't need a supercharger 

You can just plug it and then six-hour you're good for another 50 kilometers

Toyota is putting a lot of effort once again what's going to be the future with

all those hybrid and electric car what we can say is that Toyota is working a

lot of zero emission vehicles or battery electric cars hybrid cars plug-in hybrid

and hydrogen I can't really comment on anything specific but just be reassured

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