Best Electric scooter 2022, Top 10 Electric scooter in India ,,Best EV

India is slowly moving towards electric vehicles.  Along with this, the Government of India is also promoting electric vehicles by giving a policy in favor of this.  At present, almost all the big auto companies are making electric not only vehicles, but also scooters and bikes.  With all these changes, the number of petrol and diesel vehicles is going to be very less in just a few years.

Best electric scooter 2022, Best EV india

 Also, electric vehicles have a lot of benefits in everyday travel.  And if you're interested in a bike or scooter considering traffic or on a budget, they're all electric now.  At present, many electric scooters/bikes have arrived in India, which ask for much less maintenance (maintenance), cost as compared to petrol bikes and are capable of giving you good range, efficiency.  Along with this, they also reduce pollution very much as compared to petrol / diesel.

  • Electric bikes and scooters in India

    ATHER 450

    Ather 450  Best EV in india

      The Ather is one of the best two wheeler electric vehicles (EV leaders) currently available in India.  Recently launched, the new Ather 450 and 450X come with some great features over their predecessors.  The design of the Ather 450X is very stylish and sleek.  It has a 2.7kWh battery, which takes 5 hours to fully charge.  When the flower is charged, it goes up to 116 km.  Its maximum speed is 80 km/h.  In this, you get a 7-inch LCD display in front, from where you can set all the controls and there is also a navigation system.
      The ex-showroom price of Ather 450 is Rs. 1.27 lakh.  Apart from this, you will also have to pay 2,000 for future maintenance service

      Ampere Electric scooter 

      Ampere EV

      Ampere Electric Scooter Magnus EX Launch Price ‌Battery Range: Another great electric scooter has been launched in India, named Ampere Magnus EX Electric Scooter.  Expanding its popular Ampere Magnus series, the country-made electric vehicle maker Ampere has introduced a new scooter, which is claimed to run up to 121 km on a single charge.

      The Ampere Magnus EX Electric Scooter has been launched in India for Rs 68,999 (ex-showroom).  This scooter is being given a 3-year warranty, which also includes after sales support.  The Ampere Magnus X is being offered with color options like Metallic Red, Galactic Gray and Graphite Black.  The Ampere Magnus EX has been introduced with Super Saver Eco Mode and Power Mode.  According to the company's claim, its top speed is 53 kmph and it can run from 0-40 kmph in 10 seconds.

      Ola S1 and S1 Pro

      Ola s1 Pro best ev
      Image credit ET auto

      Ola, which is India's largest ride-share or taxi platform, has also launched its electric scooters in this.  Ola S1 and S1 Pro were launched last year.  Of these, the production of the base model Ola S1 is currently on hold and the S1 Pro electric scooter is available in India.  The Ola S1 Pro offers you a range of 181 km on a single charge and has a top speed of 115 km/h.  It also gets a 7-inch LCD touch display at the front and is built on keyless technology.

       The ex-showroom price of Ola S1 Pro is Rs. 1,29,999.  Also, you can take advantage of the subsidy given by the government on it, which varies according to the cities.

      Revolt  RV 400

      Revolt beat EV india
      Best ev india

      The Revolt RV400 is an electric bike that is available in India at a price of Rs.90,799.  In this you get a battery of 3.24KWh, which takes 4.5 hours for full charge.  In this you get a range of up to 150 km, but the modes are different here.

       On full charge Revolt RV400 you can cover 150 kms with eco mode.  It has a range of 100 kms in normal mode and 80 kms in sports mode.  Lasts till.  Its maximum speed is 85 km/h.  This bike can carry a weight of up to 150 kg.

      New Simple One

      new simple one electric scooter beat EV india

      The new Simple One, an upgraded version of the old one, was launched in March 2022.  It can run up to 300 km on a single charge.  It can run 64 km more than the old Simple One.  Also, it has a high battery capacity and has an 8.5kW motor, which produces 72Nm of torque.

       An extra removable battery is also available with the new Simple One.  It also has a huge boot space of up to 30 liters.  It also has features like call and music control.  The front touch display also lets you set the riding mode and has a navigation feature.

       The ex-showroom price of the new Simple One electric scooter is Rs 1,44,999.  And to get it, you can pre-book on Simple Energy's website by paying Rs 1,947.  Delivery will start from June.

      Bajaj Chetak

      Best ev India Bajaj chetak

      Bajaj has brought India's favorite from the 90s, the Bajaj Chetak, as a new electric scooter.  An attempt has been made to give it a new look, a bit like the old Bajaj Chetak.  It comes with a steel body that houses a 4kW electric motor that churns out 16Nm of torque.  It has a top speed of 78km/h and a range of 95km on a full charge.  It has a 3KWh battery, which takes 5 hours to charge.  This battery will come with IP67 rating.  According to the company, it will cover 70,000 km in 7 years.  can go on till

       The Bajaj Chetak has two models, Premium and Urbane, with an ex-showroom price of Rs. 1,47,775 in Delhi.

      TVS  iQube electric 

      Beat EV  scooter India  TVs

      TVS is one of the largest two-wheeler companies in India and with its new iQube Electric, the company has made its first foray into the EV space.  The e-scooter gets crystal-clear headlamps and a USB port in the boot space, which also has lights.  The scooter has a 4.4kW motor, top speed of 78km/h and a range of 75kms on a full charge.  is of.  Its battery charges up to 80% in about 5 hours.

       The ex-showroom price of TVS iQube Electric is Rs. 1,00,777 and the company is selling the charger separately for Rs. 11,238.


      Hero photo best EV scooter india

      Hero Photon HX also has many new features.  It has a 26Ah battery and a 1.8kW motor.  It has a maximum speed of only 45 km/h and a range of 108 kms.  It takes 5 hours for the Photon HX battery to be fully charged.  It is available in gold and black colours.

       The ex-showroom price of Hero Electric Photon HX is Rs.74,240.  This price also includes the FAME 2 subsidy of Delhi NCR.

      Bounce Infinity E1

      Best electric scooter india

      The Bounce Infinity E1 packs a 2kWh battery, a brushless DC (BLDC) motor and tubeless tyres.  Made in India, this electric scooter offers you a range of 85km and its top speed is 65km/h.  You can also connect it to your smartphone for tracking, and anti-theft alarm.

       The Infinity E1 is the first electric scooter that gives you a battery rental solution with a 'battery as a service' option.  There is a swappable battery and customers can avail this service for Rs 35 per swap.

       It costs Rs 68,999 and for the 'battery as a service' option, you will have to pay Rs 36,000 separately.  Its sale will start from March 2022.

      Pure EV Epluto 7G

      Pure EV 7G electric scooter

      Pure EV, a Hyderabad based start-up company, has launched Epluto 7G.  You get upgraded features in Eluto 7G.  It has a maximum speed of 60 km/h and is capable of going up to 120 km.  In this you get 2.5kWh battery.  It further has an LCD touch display, with which you can set one of the many speed modes present in it.

       The price of Epluto 7G is Rs.86,999.  In this you will get 6 color options.

      Okinawa I-Praise

      Okinawa electric scooter

      The Okinawa I-Praise can be called an advanced electric scooter.  It has many hi-tech features and you can connect it to your smartphone through the app.  In this you have been given features like geo-fencing, tracking, monitoring.

       It has a 3.3KWh battery, which takes about 5 hours to charge from 0 to 100%.  It has a top speed of 58 km/h and a range of up to 139 km.  Its price in India starts from Rs. 1,07,228.


      Hear is the best selling Top electric vehicle  list , You can go with any one Trust the old brand as they have  good experience of  launching flawless products 

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