How Vegetable oil Vanspati Ghee is made? how Dalda is made?

 How Vegetable  Ghee is made?

How Dalda is made ,How ghee is made

Dalda is a brand , it is not ghee ,we do not how it is made but as it is vegetable ghee is it is made as per below process

For making vegetable oil ghee, Hydrogen is passed through vegetable oil

Due to reaction it’s get solidified 

Below is the formula for Saturated ghee vegetable oil ghee 

Vegetable oil ghee formula

Dalda is not ghee. It’s a brand of hydrogenated vegetable oil. To make it, hydrogen is passed through vegetable oil. So, in short, Dalda is oil that has been solidified


What is Dalda Ghee price 1Kg

Ans - Dalda Ghee price per kg 155 Rs 

Who is Dalda company Owner?
Bunge India is owner of Dalda company 

In 2003, Bunge Limited acquired the Dalda brand from Hindustan Unilever Limited for reportedly under Rs 100 crore. 

How vegetable oil Ghee made?

How Dalda ghee made?

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