Why are mosquitoes or small creatures attracted to light (tubelight)?

 Why are mosquitoes or small creatures attracted to light (tubelight)?

Why are mosquitoes attracted to light source

You must have sometimes seen that during the evening, many types of mosquitoes or small creatures fly in the environment. These creatures often fly around a tubelight or light source.
Reason- 1

Many flying pests, including mosquitoes, can rely on light to navigate when they search for food. As a result, these insects may swarm porch lights and bright areas around homes

Such creatures usually like to live in dark-sent areas, such creatures decide their path through the sun or moon, but when it rains, the light of the sun or moon is not visible and in the dark the place where the source of bright light is found. They consider it to be that natural light and start rotating around that tubelight or bright light. And when he stays close enough, he becomes blind due to more light and keeps roaming all around.
Some biologists believe that insects with short wings are attracted to bright colors in search of food, just as tubelight is. We see that most of these organisms are found in the vicinity of tube lights.

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