Electric Cars -Then Narendra Modi will worlds first PM with Armoured EV

 EV in PM’s Fleets

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is very popular not only in the country but also abroad.  Therefore, strict security arrangements have been made for them.  His fleet includes several armored luxury cars such as the Modi Mercedes Maybach S650 Guard.  According to a report by CarandBike, Prime Minister Modi's fleet may include a new electric car.  The government may soon include an electric car in Prime Minister Modi's fleet.  Other major world leaders also use armored vehicles, but do not feature electric cars in their fleets.  If this happens, PM Modi may be the first world leader to use an armored electric car.  On the one hand, the prices of petrol and diesel are increasing.  Therefore, the government is asking common people to use electric cars.  An electric car will now be introduced in the fleet of the Prime Minister himself.  

Which electric car will be chosen for PM modi?

 It is not yet clear which electric car will be chosen for Prime Minister Modi.  The era of electric cars is very new for all and the exact number of armored electric cars is not available at present.  However, Prime Minister Modi's love for SUVs is well known.  If choosing an SUV electric car for the Prime Minister's fleet, the Mercedes EQS SUV could be a good choice.

 Electric vehicles will get a boost

 Central and state governments provide a lot of subsidies to promote electric cars in the country.  The government is trying to make people prefer electric vehicles instead of fuel-powered vehicles.  If Indian consumers switch to electric vehicles, our dependence on oil will be significantly reduced.  On the other hand, if the Prime Minister himself uses an electric car, his message will go far.  Prime Minister's current car

 Besides the Mercedes Maybach S650 guard, Range Rover Vogue and Toyota Land Cruiser have also been included in PM Modi's fleet.  The armored vehicles have strict security arrangements.  These cars are bulletproof and protect against explosions.  Electric cars will also be made as powerful as these cars.

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