Ola Electric halts production of S1 Pro scooter; What is the reason?


Ola S1 Pro

OLA s1 Pro

The electric company has been in the midst of controversy for some time now.  Although the Hifi scooter was launched, it had so many flaws that customers were upset.  Gradually, the demand for Ola electric scooter S1 Pro also started decreasing.  Meanwhile, Ola has stopped the production of S1 Pro scooter for a week.

  Ola Electric has halted production of electric scooters at its Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu plant for a week.  The plant will be closed for a week for annual maintenance and installation of other machinery.  Three sources of Ola who know about this have given this information.  Jagran has reported this.

 Inventory pile-up is one of the biggest causes of production stoppages.  Ola company is currently manufacturing 4000 scooters.  The company currently has several thousand units available which the company has taken pre-orders from customers to be shipped.

OLA scooter Problems 

 Ola started trial production in October last year.  Daily production was started from December.  After this people got the scooters with a delay of two-three months.  However, there were more than 25 problems with it.  Some even set fire to the scooter after getting upset.  The front wheel of many scooters was breaking apart along with the rod.  Many were facing battery issues.  For a few days the scooter did not start or the battery was draining one problem after another.  The scooter caught fire and the concerned people turned away.  The impact of all this on the company's scooter sales has been seen in the last month.

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