What is meaning of Terminator .

 What is meaning of Terminator ?

What is terminator

By the name it self it is know that a perosn who terminate something means ends something is called Terminator.

In Astronomy Terminator meaning is

 The dividing line between the illuminated and the unilluminated part of a satellite or planet, especially the moon The line that separate Day and Night side on earth is called Terminator

There are "two spots" on the earth where you can find "radiant day/approaching evening" and "night/approaching day" out of the blue of time because of circular state of the earth globe. 
 It is known as THE TERMINATOR, a term that portrays the line between murkiness adn light. Note that, becasue our earth pivots (causing dawn and nightfall) the Termintor itself moves acros the world, from East to West.

Terminator line on earth
Image credit - Pintrest https://pin.it/5ahEeUA

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