Do This To make savings in Salery , 8 Tips to save money

 How to save a money ? Is a big question mark for all employees or any individual .

Save money from salery

Spending more money than our income can be harmful for our present and future.  Here are five tips to save money and plan better:

 8 Tips to save money 

Track Expenses: 

Tracking expenses will let you know where your salary is being spent and better plan for the future. you can use any suitable app to track expenses

I have attached one screen shot of expenses manager app

Expense tracker app

 Make a budget plan: 

Before every salary, make a budget for rent, ration, essential things etc. and spend money according to the budget.

If you have a big expense in a upcoming month then you should plan it 4-5 month before as you need to save that much money ,avoid taking loan for planed expenses ,Better to save money any how

 Keep more cash in the bank: 

Keeping money in the house increases the chances of spending them, deposit money in the bank and save more.


Keep savings in banks

Take Control of Online Shopping: 

Shopping has become very easy these days and many times people buy things beyond their requirement and budget.  Avoid online shopping to save money.

No to online shop

Deposit money in savings account: 

Open a savings account along with the salary account and deposit the prescribed amount every month.

Avoid Use of Credit Card  -

No credit card

If you are not discipline to remember the credit card bill payment then better to avoid it, as if you forgot to pay on time then 500 Rs late payment charges will be applied in next bill
Not use of credit card will also limit your expenses 

Do expense only necessary and must to have thing to buy

Only required amount of things to be purchase otherwise after sometime that things lying somewhere in room corner ,like a Gym material or music earphones

Find low cost Alternative to each things 

You can spend money for watching films in theater for Ra 500 Tickets ,if you really want to save money you will find many sources where you can get movie LIke OTT or free copy
Control your luxury living to save money

Similar for buying a car or bike you have many option to buy new with high as well low price 

Also second hand used car or bike is also a good option to save money ,and in remaining money you will have free petrol for years, I did the same in my daily life , where my work also not hamper and work get done in very low cost

Just keep in mind that to save money you need to control your desires, necessary thing not required much money,our desire for luxury items forces us to spend
Insted of spending ,start investing money as littile as 100 Ra in mutual funds , you will find it is growing after some years and you will be habitual to investing. 
So no spending only investing 

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